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DAINA is an English VOCALOID that was developed and distributed by Zero-G Limited.[1] She was released in November 2015 for the VOCALOID4 engine.

She is voiced by AkiGlancy, an American VOCALOID producer.


DAINA and DEX were given the theme, 'The Fox and the Hound', at the suggestion of Kenji-B. They were both focused on the pop genre.[2] They were intended to be counterparts which complement each other.[3] Kenji-B stated that he thought DAINA was what Zero-G wanted to achieve with SONiKA.[4] He also noted that DEX and DAINA were a pair, but not twins.[5] When asked about the aims of both VOCALOIDs, they were described to be aimed towards fans and designed to give producers with the voices they needed.[6] AkiGlancy chose red hair and the blue and white colors for DAINA. The theme of "fox and hound" was one of many suggestions put forward, but one the group became fond of. Initially, it was treated as a light-hearted concept. The design was chosen after the team adored the primary sketches of the pair from Steel.[7]


According to Kenji, he was the one who proposed her name in both writing and pronunciation. DAINA's name was also chosen because it sounded whimsical. AkiGlancy and the staff members of Zero-G thought it was a reference to Dinah, a cat owned by Alice from the series, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". However, it was not Kenji's original intention.[8]


DAINA made her debut as a kemonomimi that is modeled after a fox.[9] The choice was made to give a twist of the popular Nekomimi design seen in SeeU and Nekomura Iroha.

AkiGlancy said they knew many would not like the designs and focused on the vocals instead. The animal traits were added to make the designs unique and to introduce something new in the VOCALOID franchise.[10]

DAINA was also given an alternative design with slight changes to the original, but still retains the theme of The Fox and The Hound. This was done to appeal to non Japanese-styled art fans.[11] The alternative design featured DAINA without her fox ears and tail. The ears were replaced by black headsets with a blue fox on it. This version of DAINA appears on the boxart.

Other concepts were revealed during a November 2015 livestream. This included DAINA as a thief instead of a kemonomimi in case Zero-G wished to scrap the 'Fox and Hound' theme. However, Zero-G liked the designs, and they were kept as alternate fantasy illustrations, complementary to AVANNA.[12] According to AkiGlancy, Steel added more detail to the thief design then the regular art. The regular art was cel-shaded because Zero-G themselves preferred it.[13]


Music featuring DAINAEdit

  • DAINA is featured in 22 songs and 5 albums on this wiki.
    Daina Logo
  • There are listings for notable, original, and cover songs.

Examples of usage

Romaji/English Mommy
Featuring DAINA
Producers Creep-P
Category Original song
It's Okay, It's
Featuring DAINA
Producers 비 고양이(Ame Neko)
Category Original song
Romaji/English ROTARY DIAL
Featuring DAINA
Producers GHOST
Category Original song
Hotline bling (Soul ver.)
Romaji/English Hotline Bling
Featuring DAINA
Producers Nachokuma
Category Cover song
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Additional InformationEdit


DAINA's character status

Dex and Daina were put on sale within a short time of being released, noting that they were Zero-G's (then) current best selling product.[15]

Both Dex and Daina proved to be very popular and despite their recent release, both nearly claimed the no.1 spot from Avanna in the 2015 most popular product for Zero-G. Daina held the no.3 position. Zero-G also highlighted once again how well the pair were selling being "big news", noting their sales with the words "red hot" in red text, which had never been seen before.[16] In 2016 Daina came in 4th place, 2 spots behind Dex.[17]

  • First female VOCALOID4 from Zero-G.
  • One of the first Zero-G VOCALOIDs to be available for Mac.
  • DEX and DAINA were the first counterparts of VOCALOID4.


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The image gallery for DAINA may be viewed here.


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