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Daifuku-P (大福P), or Daisuke Ohnuma, is a VOCALOID producer which makes original Techno VOCALOID songs, with hope that his music will be heard by the whole world. He often uses English VOCALOIDs in his songs.
STATUS:February 2010 → Present
URL(s)Channel: Niconico / YouTube
Twitter, KarenT,, piapro
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Image of Tetris" (Hatsune Miku) (Feb.26.2010)
  2. "Video Killed The Radio Star" (LEON, LOLA & MIRIAM) (Song of Buggles) (Feb.26.2010)
  3. "Digital Love" (LEON) (Song of Daft Punk) (Feb.26.2010)
  4. "asupara (Ohnuma Chill Retune)" (Kagamine Rin) (Song Of Bacon-P) (Feb.26.2010)
  5. "Still Alive" (MIRIAM) (Song of Portal) (Mar.6.2010)
  6. "Jenny in a bad mood(Gokigen Guitar mix)" (Hatsune Miku) (Song of Juicy Fruit) (Mar.10.2010)
  7. "灼熱のファイヤーダンス(kone^2 mix)" (KAITO) (May.13.2010)
  8. "Pocket Calculator" (LEON) (Song of DENTAKU) (Jul.10.2010)
  9. "Life Game" (LEON) (Oct.30.2010)
  10. "Theme of Sound Lab.(2010 ver.)" (Hatsune Miku) (Nov.24.2010)
  11. "Angels Fly Away" (MIRIAM) (Mar.24.2011)
  12. "Let's Dance (Like in your dream)" (LEON) (Mar.24.2011)
  13. "完全侵蝕(A.I. -Absolute Infection-)(140bpm minimaltronik mix)" (LEON) (Jun.22.2011)
  14. "Sweet Insanity" (Aug.18.2011)
  15. "Ray of Future" (Mew) (Mar.09.2012)
  16. "Second Heaven(Scream from hell mix)" (LEON) (Mar.28.2012)
  17. "Inner Space Pt.1" (LEON) (Apr.02.2012)
  18. "Colorless" (SONiKA) (Apr.13.2012)
  19. "We are Engloid" (Album Crossfade) (Apr.26.2012)
  20. "に消臭力を歌わせてみるなど" (TONIO) (May.09.2012)
  21. "に消臭力を歌わせてない" (TONIO) (May.09.2012)
  22. "より" (GUMI and SeeU) (May.10.2012)
  23. "Moonlight(Re-Edit)" (MIRIAM) (May.23.2012)
  24. "ホネホネロック" (KAITO) (Cover) (Jun.02.2012)
  25. "Moonlight(MV ver.)" (MIRIAM) (Jun.09.2012)
  26. "偶像無線" (KAITO) (Jun.13.2012)
  27. "Take me to (the freedom)" (Sweet Ann) (Jun.30.2012)
  28. "白いとび羽根-2012版-" (Hatsune Miku and KAITO) (Jul.07.2012)
  29. "ユカイツーカイ怪物くん" (Ryuto) (Jul.11.2012)
  30. "おれはグレートマジンガー" (Tonio) (Cover) (Jul.16.2012)
  31. "Summer has gone away" (MIRIAM) (Aug.23.2012)
  32. "iMagination" (Album Crossfade) (CD 1) (Oct.20.2012)
  33. "iMagination" (Album Crossfade) (CD 2) (Oct.22.2012)
  34. "Summer has gone away -Sakuramodki Remix-" (MIRIAM) (Oct.26.2012)
  35. "I'm waiting for your smile(Album ver.)" (MIRIAM) (Oct.26.2012)
  36. "きてよパーマン" (Ryuto) (Cover) (Nov.01.2012)
  37. "自動生成プログラムで声を加工したら" (Yuzuki Yukari) (Cover) (Nov.16.2012)
  38. "Rainbow Flyer(floating style)" (Hatsune Miku) (Nov.17.2012)
  39. "Our First Step (Radio edit)" (MAYU) (Nov.18.2012) with subtitles
  40. "Monochrome Dream" (Daisuke) (Dec.13.2012)
  41. "ぴぎゃw8以whj歩tじkqw" (Camui Gackpo) (Dec.26.2012)
  42. "哲学する初音" (Hatsune Miku) (Jan.08.2013)
  43. "Wireless full ver." (KAITO) (Jan.16.2013)
  44. "偶像無線(kamome sano remix)" (KAITO) (Feb.10.2013)
  45. "Feel Yourself" (Sweet Ann) (Mar.04.2013)
  46. "V.C.M" (Album Crossfade) (Mar.18.2013)
  47. "偶像無線(Game edit)" (KAITO) (Mar.30.2013)
  48. "ハイスクールララバイ" (ZOLA PROJECT) (Song of イモ欽トリオ) (Aug.15.2013)
  49. "宵の宴" (Mew) (Nov.11.2013)
  50. "初音ミクのボイスパーリミックス(大福なにやってんのmix)" (Hatsune Miku) (Mar.30.2013)
  51. "ヒポポタマス" (Mew) (Jan.01.2014)
  52. "リボンの騎士" (Tone Rion) (Jan.08.2014)
  53. "ウルトラリラックス(TVサイズ+)" (Kagamine Rin) (Jan.11.2014)
  54. "Time Walker(Nico Edit)" (SF-A2 Miki) (Jan.25.2014)
  55. "Crazy Killer Machine" (Big Al) (Mar.30.2014)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

Angels Fly Away

Uploaded 2011.03.24 Featuring MIRIAM
Music Daifuku-P Main article Angels Fly Away
Lyrics Daifuku-P
Video Daifuku-P
A song which features Miriam singing Techno.


Uploaded 2012.01.31 Featuring Prima
Music Daifuku-P Main article Silence,fear
Lyrics Daifuku-P

偶像無線 (Guuzou Musen)

Uploaded 2012.06.13 Featuring KAITO
Music Daifuku-P Main article 偶像無線 (Guuzou Musen)
Lyrics Murasakigawa
Video Daifuku-P
This song appears in the game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone.


Title Telepathy
Strikes Back E.P Cover Art
Strikes Back E.P.
Producer Daifuku-P Daifuku-P
Release Date 26th March, 2010 30th March, 2011
Code-Adam (KarenT)
Title Code:Adam (KarenT)
Code Adam Album Art
Producer Daifuku-P Daifuku-P
Release Date 5th March, 2012 5th March, 2012
Title iMagination
We Are Engloid
We are Engloid
Producer Daifuku-P Daifuku-P
Release Date 28th October, 2012 2012
Blank CD case
Title V.C.M
Blank CD case
Townscape feat.Miku
Producer Daifuku-P Daifuku-P
Release Date 24th March, 2013 20th October, 2013

KARENT SinglesEdit

Title 偶像無線 (Wireless Idol)    
Producer Daifuku-P  
Release Date February 15th, 2013  

Compilation AlbumsEdit

  • Night Groove -Released: April 28, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: Take me to (the future))
  • ALEXANDRITE -Released: July 8, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: コーヒー納豆の唄 -長く粘るよedit-)
  • Night Groove 2 -Released: October 28, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: Do U Remember...?)
  • Synergy-Style -Released: April 27, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: Feel yourself)

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