Dark Candy
Song title
"Dark Candy"
Uploaded June 24, 2015
Hatsune Miku English
MutedPower (music, lyrics, tuning)
DoveSong (illustration)
Niconico Broadcast (unavailable) • YouTube Broadcast (unavailable)


Another original horrible sounding song for yours truly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Also i'm sorry for that first verse (• ε •)

"Dark Candy" is an original song by MutedPower featuring Hatsune Miku.

The original uploads are no longer available.


Take a pick it's a trick
It's all fine make it quick
Make a flick lick on your wrist
Find your song pose
Not that I will make it easy
It's the truth don't you see
Dangerous say I lie
That's your fault

How do you feel
Being lied to
Have to bide to it's inside you
My red barrette
Your basket set
All net cassette how do you feel yet
Ah~ dark candy
Do you lie
Dark candy
why I

My brain capacity
Can't even breach free
An honorary degree
You trust me see
Existence and
it's secret bliss
But the truth is how do you do this
It's not simple
Offical but I don't
Civil jingle it's not simple
Ah~ dark candy
Do you lie
Dark candy
why I

Life is not a simple little dame
It's not even easy to get fame
This dark candy is the only thing
I have see
It's hard to be truthful to yourself
Most of the time I say go to hell
I see there's only one thing in the life
I can trust you see
Ah~ dark candy
Do you lie
Dark candy
why I


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