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Series title
Romaji: Kurai Mori no Saakasu
English: Dark Woods Circus Series
Uploaded February 3, 2008
Singer(s): Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and KAITO
Machigerita-P (music, lyrics)


The Dark Woods Circus is a series of multiple songs that was produced by Machigerita-P. It was originally mostly sung by Hatsune Miku, but with the release of the novel adaptation, the majority of the original canon was scraped.

The songs tell the story of a freak show called "Dark Woods Circus" and its performers who were lured in one by one.

The SongsEdit

鋼ノ女王、檻ノ姫 (Hagane no Joou, Ori no Hime)

Uploaded February 3, 2008 Featuring Hatsune Miku, Machigerita
Music Machigerita-P Main article 鋼ノ女王、檻ノ姫 (Hagane no Joou, Ori no Hime)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video nari (illust)
Note: This song is known as "Steel Cage Princess" in the Western fandom, but "Steel Queen, Caged Princess" is more suitable. This tradition comes from SakeBliss's mistranslated title.

The first song in the series. The literal translation is Steel Queen, Caged Princess. The song is about Anna (Miku) being held captive and being put in a "cage" by a "Queen" in a "castle." It is revealed that Anna was actually going insane, and the insanity is locking up her sanity in a "cage".

暗い森のサーカス (Kurai Mori no Circus)

Uploaded February 25, 2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len
Music Machigerita-P Main article 暗い森のサーカス (Kurai Mori no Circus)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video nashiro (illust)
The second and most well known song in the series. In this song, Anna and others are in a circus where they are ridiculed by the visitors. Anna is known as the "Deformed Diva". Adam and Doris a pair of siamese twins have also been taken in. A nameless werewolf that ran away from home was taken in as well. They all hate the circus and though they act as if it's fun, they wish they could die to get away from it.

青い氷の城 (Aoi Koori no Shiro)

Uploaded April 24, 2008 Featuring Hatsune Miku, Machigerita
Music Machigerita-P Main article 青い氷の城 (Aoi Koori no Shiro)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video Tawashi (illust)
The third song in the series. It reveals that Anna was married and taken away to the circus, then later commits suicide by cutting off her left arm, which is represented by the blue ice on her limbs.

赤い沼の底 (Akai Numa no Soko)

Uploaded March 9, 2008 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Machigerita-P Main article 赤い沼の底 (Akai Numa no Soko)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video Guroozu (illust)
Note: This song is known as "Red Swamp Bottom" in the Western fandom, but "On the Bottom of Red Swamp" is more suitable. This tradition comes from SakeBliss's mistranslated title.

The fourth song in the series. After Anna commits suicide, she is sent to hell, which is known as the "Red Swamp". She states that she is in pain, her skin burning to dust, her eyes melted beyond recognition, and her intestines being dragged on the floor. She says that she doesn't want to hear people begging God to let them leave, saying they deserved it for their selfish desires.

番人と鎌 (Bannin to Kama)

Uploaded October 18, 2008 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Machigerita-P Main article 番人と鎌 (Bannin to Kama)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video Tawashi (illust), Machigerita-P (video)
The final song in the series. Anna becomes the Grim Reaper to atone for her sins (Suicide) and wields a scythe. At one point, she must judge her husband, and, with tears in her eyes, beheads him.

Related songsEdit

博識であるが故、狂気 (Hakushiki de Aru ga Yue, Kyouki)

Uploaded March 4, 2008 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Machigerita-P Main article 博識であるが故、狂気 (Hakushiki de Aru ga Yue, Kyouki)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video konpasu (illust)
In the PV, it shows an insane girl being interned in a sanatorium where people are deformed. Machigerita-P later stated on his blog that even though the PV was related to the series, the song itself was not a part of the series.

月光と黒 (Gekkou to Kuro)

Uploaded April 27, 2010 Featuring KAITO
Music Machigerita-P Main article 月光と黒 (Gekkou to Kuro)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
Video Machigerita-P (illust, video)
This song tells the story of the blue beast before he became part of the circus.

蛞蝓とビガゾー (Namekuji to Bigazoo)

Uploaded March 14, 2011 (album) Featuring GUMI
Music Machigerita-P Main article 蛞蝓とビガゾー (Namekuji to Bigazoo)
Lyrics Machigerita-P
An album exclusive song, connected to the seires.

Other media appearancesEdit


Dark Woods Circus Novel

Cover of the Dark Woods Circus novel.

The novel adaption was released on July 27, 2012. It is avaliable for purchase in Amazon and Tsutaya for ¥ 1,260.

  • "マチゲリータ、小説「暗い森のサーカス」特報。 Novel "Darkwoods Circus" Trailer" by MachigeritaJP
List of Chapters
  • Chapter 1: The Beginning
  • Chapter 2: The Wonderous Diva
  • Chapter 3: The Slug and Bigazoo
  • Chapter 4: Moonlight and Darkness
  • Chapter 5: Coffin of Sweet Death
  • Chapter 6: The Two Headed Twins
  • Chapter 7: The Prince of The Black Tower
  • Chapter 8: The Ringleader

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