debut is a flower only compilation album. The album is available as both regular and limited edition. The limited edition version includes a gatefold box as well as a DVD featuring videos for several of the songs on the album. A crossfade can be heard on Nicovideo and YouTube.

Flower debut album
Released October 1, 2014
Producer Various
Price ¥2,160
Illust. Yamako, Rokoru
Label Gynoid
Track list
1. Break out!
Yuyoyuppe feat. flower
2. メランコリックシューゲイザー
Melancholic Shoegazer
ANDRIVEBOiz feat. flower
3. イノコリ先生
Inokori Sensei / A Teacher, Detained
Gom, HoneyWorks feat. flower
4. シャノワールの冒険書
Chat Noir no Bouken Sho
cosMo feat. flower
164 feat. flower
6. 曖昧劣情Lover
Aimai Retsujou Lover
koyori feat. flower
7. 京都ダ菓子屋センソー
Kyoto Dagashiya Sensou
Mikito-P feat. flower
8. 5th
666 feat. flower
9. ウヌボレ仮面
Unobore Kamen
Zips feat. flower
10. 絶対音楽で踊れ
Zettai Ongaku de Odore
Utsu-P feat. flower
11. 曖昧なリバーシ
Aimai na Reversi
tilt-six feat. flower
12. Close to you
cillia feat. flower (original by niki)
Ichigo Ichie

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