電子音楽コンピレーションアルバム Midnight Blue is a KAITO compilation album to be released on Vocaloid Paradise Kansai 2. It consists of some of the notable tracks sung by KAITO made by Staffroll-P, Shinjou-P, Daifuku-P and others.

A crossfade of the album could be heard here.
You can purchasable from toranoana and official website or access the twitter of the compilation.

電子音楽コンピレーションアルバム Midnight Blue
Released March 24, 2013
Producer Various
Price ¥1,500
Illust. syuno
Track list
1. UnderCurrent2
Staffroll-P feat. KAITO
2. Welcome to the ××××.
KapurikoP feat. KAITO
3. ロールシャッハ
SayooshiP feat. KAITO
4. Spell_to_another_world
waoonP ft. KAITO
5. UN-fair
Shinjou-P feat. KAITO
6. バックナンバー
Back Number
halP feat. KAITO
7. I'll save your love
Daifuku-P feat. KAITO
8. 夜明けのノクチルカ - dream trance mix -
Yoake no Nokuchiruka - dream trance mix -
ねこしえーたー feat. KAITO
9. Beautiful Earth
774P feat. KAITO
10. トーキョー・スカイ・ヒルズ・アンパン
SukeP feat. KAITO
11. あの、夏。
Ano, Natsu./ That, Summer.
CrystalP feat. KAITO

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