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  • "Devil's Adorable Disciple"
Uploaded October 2, 2013, with 1,200+ SoundCloud views
  • CitronSec


My first music featuring Vocaloid.

Devil's Adorable Disciple is an original song by CitronSec featuring Hatsune Miku.


I- I'm sorry I summoned you,
I-I didn't mean to-
I-I did not know that-
Are you a d- demon?
Who are you?
Are you evil?
Wha- what?
Wait! Please, stay...

Confined day by day I can't go out I can't escape this abidance
(This mansion is freezing)
I walk through this silent hall looking for relief but it's out of reach
(this path is forbidden)
If only I could see my friends again
(this is what I look for)
But, as always, the gate is locked
(every night I can't find)
Is there a reason for this punishment?
(through the dark wandering)
Is there a reason for this odium?
(with the ghosts I hear them)
Still, can't find, the purpose of this
(whispering I don't mind)
life, I think i'll stray in sleep again
(if this makes me guilty)

Lost, astray, always the same dream
Dancing shadows are passing by
Would someone ever notice me?
Would anyone, ever stay with me?

Found, myself, in this delusion
circles shining before my eyes
They are haunting my thoughts all the
time, I cannot keep then inside~

Lying deep within I sense a burning will!
I don't understand, what are you expecting from me?

Are you scared ? You'll run away from your fate?
But ! They- they'll hit me again...

Search your feelings, is this truth what you wish for?
This life, it's all I ever had

I can give you might, you'll bend them all to your will!
I'll show you the depths of hell, I'll teach you the arcane!

Dusk, the lights are fading away
Bright, the golden moon ascending
Cursed, painting, in blood I can't
deny, it's such an insane delight~

~Help me, escape from this nightmare
The wheel, of sin is everywhere
This strange, feeling it seems un-
real, maybe, I'll give in this temptation

Fate is from now on
uncertain yet the sun rises again
I reach for daylight
that gently warms my
heart I feel like, happiness, may be closer than it seems

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