Distant ft Avanna
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Uploaded Mar 8, 2013, with 450+ views
lyhst (music, lyrics)
iMii (illust)
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We used to play together endlessly
When did we lose sight of each other
for the first time?

So many days filled with shared happiness and sadness
Just your presence was enough for me
When our favorite ice cream began to melt
The cruel truth wasn't deniable anymore

Can't we go back to those days
Laughing together again, and playing silly games
I wonder if you feel the same, I want to know
But I can't seem to reach you anymore

As time went by and we met again
If felt link nothing changed, your smile the same
But deep insdie we know we couldn't go back
The pain was too much and we lost sight again

Do you still think abotu me too?
I wish I could turn back time and make it better
But I can't back to those days
No matter how much I pray and cry alone at night

I wonder if you feel the same, I want to know
But I'm just too cared to learn the truth

The distance between us grows wider
You voice becomes a faint memory
My thoughts still inger about you
I want you to be happy without me

But is it really better like this?
The pain isn't easing, I don't want ot let go
I wonder if you feel the same, I want to know
Please, if you can here my voice...

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