Distorted Desert ft Avanna
Song title
"Distorted Desert"
Uploaded Oct 28, 2013(YT/SC) Nov 03(NN), with 95+(NN) 195+(YT) 65+(SC) views
RadiantCadenza (music, lyrics)
Filip Radulescu (illust)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast
SoundCloud Broadcast


The first original VOCALOID piece by the author. It is described as being alternative/world celtic-ish string trio.


Burning winds caress my skin
as desert sands scratch my eyes.

My journey,
filled with agony and sorrow,
stretches on for eternity.
-Lost deep within the sands of time-

Solar rays assault my face
as mirages haunt my mind.

My journey,
filled with sacrifice and courage,
stretches on for eternity.
-Lost deep within the sands of time-

Countless footprints trail behind me,
off to a long lost horizon.
Where am I heading?
My destination is long forgotten

My journey,
filled with discovery and wonder,
stretches onto eternity
as I wonder through the sands of time.

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