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Song title
Uploaded May 19, 2015
Sweet ANN


"Dreadnought" is an original song by OMEGA+ featuring Sweet.

This song is featured in OMEGA+'s album, Transgalactic Flight.


Sticking here, on mid of endless space,
I going to begin perennial flight...
But why?..

Broken wings, destroyed electronics;
I’m alone, but don’t surrender yet..
I believe - the star will rise from darken planet,
Just now only misery in hand.

I don't used to endure and resign for sorrows.
Hate this ship, hate this place, I don't hesitate.
Tired from everiday waiting for tomorrow,
I'm afraid that I will be so late...

Sticking here - but not falling down,
I'm alone, amid delightful night..
But so tired, I cannot stay anymore,
And I spell - please, dreadnought, fly!..

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