Song title
Uploaded Jan.17.2014, with 1,000+ (NN) 16,000 (YT) views
MJQ (music, composer)
Mori (lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


A MEIKO original V3 Demo using her ENGLISH Voicebank. Upon being asked by whether or not this song will be finished on YouTube, the reply was

If I finish the lyrics XD -Mori
— Asami_YT AKA Mori


Slow, Slowly I fall
To the pits of your world
Can't comprehend
The feeling I get its...

Getting harder to breathe
With you around
It's just keeps harder to breathe
With you around

I can't keep holding
All the feelings
I can't keep breathing
You breathe the air I breathe

Baby, is it easy for you?
To forget all we had
And all we went through...

I can't forget it
I can't forget you
When rain pours down
You don't hear a sound

I'm calling you,
You don't turn around
Why is it so hard?
When you're not around....

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