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Our flagship Drum & Bass project is back for the hat trick. Featuring new and veteran members, this one is a must listen if you like the series.
— Label's comment

Drum & Bass & Vocaloid Three is the third free compilation released by Vocallective Records. It contains 4 original tracks by AdyS, Ikaros, A Himitsu, Ashiko, one remix by Anwar Louis, a wallpaper of the album cover and a transparent render with Miku and CYBER DIVA.

Released August 21, 2015
Producer AdyS, Ikaros, A Himitsu, Ashiko, Anwar Louis
Price Free
Illust. Chorvaqueen
Label Vocallective Records
Track list
1. Submerge
Ikaros feat. AVANNA
2. One Big World
3. Lost Within
A Himitsu feat. Hatsune Miku
4. The Path Ahead
Ashiko feat. Hatsune Miku
5. Framework (Anwar Louis Remix)
Anwar Louis feat. AVANNA (originally by Azureflux)
Drum & bass & vocaloid two
Drum & Bass & Vocaloid Two

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