Drum & Bass & Vocaloid Two is a second drum & bass album by Vocallective Records. It features GUMI, Hatsune Miku and AVANNA.

A crossfade of the album could be heard on Youtube.

Drum & bass & vocaloid two
Released August 29, 2014
Producer AdyS, Azureflux, jeric:Rocamora
Price Free
Illust. usarei
Label Vocallective Records
Track list
1. A Better Day
AdyS feat. GUMI English
2. F***ed Up
jeric:Rocamora feat. Hatsune Miku V3 English
3. Framework
Azureflux feat. AVANNA
4. Fragments
AdyS feat. GUMI English
Drum & Bass & Vocaloid cover
Drum & Bass & Vocaloid
Drum & Bass & Vocaloid Three

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