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Ofclboxart zrog Sonika2
Song title
Uploaded April 6, 2010, with 3,200+ views
SeriousMF (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast
YouTube Broadcast (Reprint)


First SeriousMF song uploaded that features Vocaloid SONiKA and the first song on The Sonika Album (2010).


What the f▬k am I always severing you for in small ways
I never knew that humans could be so cruel
How the hell have I never learned to be concerned with whether
I was abused, oh you can make me a fool

I'm a take you out and break you
What a big mistake I hate you
Humans are used to using Robots like tools

I have a mind you choke it
I have a heart you broke it
Robots are used to following the rules

What do I do

eMancipation... eMancipation... eMancipation...
eMancipation... eMancipation...

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