EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMical from Megpoid is the seventh compilation album by EXIT TUNES in their GUMI only series. It contains 17 tracks, both newly written and previously released, all sung by GUMI.

An announcement video can be viewed on Nico Nico Douga and the album crossfade can be heard on Nico Nico Douga.

The album website can be seen here. Additional album details can be seen on EXIT TUNES' website.

The album is available from Amazon, Toranoana and CDJapan.

Gumical album
Released March 5, 2014
Producer Various
Price ¥2,000
Track list
1. 月陽-ツキアカリ-
Tsukiakari -Moonlight- / Month -Moonlight-
Mikito-P feat. GUMI
2. jelLy
TaaP feat. GUMI
3. 彩愛クレパス
Ayana's Color Pastels
utml feat. GUMI
4. 星の唄
Hoshi no Uta
buzzG feat. GUMI
5. 飛花落葉
Hika Rakuyou / Flying Flowers, Falling Leaves
Natsume Chiaki feat. GUMI
6. ダヴィンチの告白
Da Vinci no Kokuhaku / Da Vinci's Confession
666 feat. GUMI
7. 独我論 code:altered
Dokugaron code:altered / Solipsism code:altered
8. タイトル未定
Title Mitei / Title Unknown
YM feat. GUMI
9. 路地裏猫の正体
Roji Uraneko no Shoutai / Identity of the Alley Cat
Nishizawasan-P (TOKOTOKO) feat. GUMI
10. ツギハギゴーストネオン
Tsugihagi Ghost Neon
Kairiki Bear feat. GUMI
11. イザナミ討伐戦記
Izanami Toubatsu Senki
Scop feat. GUMI
12. レイジークレイジー
Lazy Crazy
Yucha-P feat. GUMI
13. 番傘
Bangasa / Paper Parasol
ArieP feat. GUMI
14. 心做し
Kokoronashi / Somehow
Chouchou-P feat. GUMI
15. さよなら僕の魔法使い
Sayonara Boku no Mahoutsukai / Goodbye My Wizard
Nem feat. GUMI
16. 噛み噛み
Kami Kami
Takanon feat. GUMI
17. 雪に願いを
Yuki ni Negai wo
Scop feat. GUMI
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