EXIT TUNES PRESENTS THE BEST OF GUMI from Megpoid is the eighth compilation album from EXIT TUNES in their GUMI only series featuring 18 tracks. The cover for the album is a compilation of the covers for the other CDs of EXIT TUNES' GUMI series. An announcement video can be seen on Nicovideo and YouTube.

Best of gumi album
Released February 4, 2015
Producer Various
Price ¥2,100
Illust. Various
Track list
1. モザイクロール
Mozaik Role
DECO*27 feat. GUMI
2. 天ノ弱
Ama no Jaku / A Born Coward
164 feat. GUMI
3. セツナトリップ
Setsuna Trip / Momentary Trip
Last Note. feat. GUMI
4. シリョクケンサ
Shiryoku Kensa / Eyesight Test
40meterP feat. GUMI
5. ユクエシレズ
Yukue Shirezu / Unknown Destination
Kojiro feat. GUMI
6. しわ
Shiwa / Wrinkle
buzzG feat. GUMI
7. ぼくらの16bit戦争
Bokura no 16bit Sensou / Our 16bit Wars
sasakure.UK feat. GUMI
8. ポーカーフェイス
Poker Face
Yucha-P feat. GUMI
9. 十面相
Juu-Mensou / Ten Faced
YM feat. GUMI
10. カーニバル
otetsu feat. GUMI
11. ダヴィンチの告白
Da Vinci no Kokuhaku / Da Vinci's Confession
666 feat. GUMI
12. 幻奏歌
FayeP feat. GUMI
13. ケッペキショウ
Keppekishou / Clean Freak
scop feat. GUMI
14. 会いたい
Aitai / I Want To Meet You
Signal-P feat. GUMI
15. 林檎売りの泡沫少女
Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo / The Transient Apple Salesgirl
Yukkedoluce feat. GUMI
16. ECHO
Circus-P, Crusher-P feat. GUMI
17. アリガトロス
Arigato Loss / Thank You Loss
YM feat. GUMI
18. キドアイラク
Kido Airaku
NyanShisu feat. GUMI
Gumical album

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