EXIT TUNES PRESENTS VOCALOID™3 Library MAYU SPECIAL 2CD is a compilation album by EXIT TUNES. This is part of the promotion of EXIT TUNES' first VOCALOID, MAYU, who was released on December 5, 2012 and uses the VOCALOID3 engine. It is part of a special package containing MAYU and a 2 disc compilation of her songs produced by over 30 different notable producers, as well as limited edition items. All tracks are sung by MAYU.

A crossfade of the album can be heard on Nico Nico Douga.

Disc 1Edit

Mayu with album
Released December 5, 2012
Producer Various
Price ¥11,500 (including voicebank)
Illust. Hidari
Track list
1. 夕立のりぼん
Yuudachi no Ribbon / Ribbon of the Evening Shower
Mikito-P feat. MAYU
2. エスケープ・フロム・ディストピア
Escape From Dystopia
cosMo feat. MAYU
3. 1000年タイムカプセル
Sennen Time Capsule / 1000 Years Time Capsule
Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△ feat. MAYU
4. アッカンベーダ
Akkanbee da / I Make a Silly Face
Pinocchio-P feat. MAYU
5. ジグソーガールの運命論
Jigsaw Girl no Unmeiron / Fatalism of Jigsaw Girl
buzzG feat. MAYU
6. 優しい人になりたい
Yasashii Hito ni Naritai / I Want to be a Friendly Person
Neru feat. MAYU
7. ぬいぐるみになりたい
Nuigurumi ni Naritai / I Want to be a Stuffed Animal
Utsu-P feat. MAYU
8. 小さな蛹は繭の中
Chiisana Sanagi wa Mayu no Naka / A Tiny Chrysalis is Within the Cocoon
otetsu feat. MAYU
9. 汝は人狼なりや?
Nanji wa Jinrou nariya? / Art Thou a Werewolf?
Yucha-P feat. MAYU
10. 恋の≡アカサタナ
Koi no ≡ Akasatana
Another Infinity feat. MAYU
11. Love Logic
daniwellP feat. MAYU
12. ホルマリンの海
Horumarin no Umi / Sea of Formalin
Deadball-P feat. MAYU
13. Our First Step(Radio edit)
Daifuku-P feat. MAYU
14. farewell blue
add9(Heri-P) feat. MAYU
15. ぼくたちのはじまり
Bokutachi no Hajimari / Our Beginning
Fuwari-P feat. MAYU
16. 天ノ弱
Ama no Jaku / A Born Coward
164 feat. MAYU

Disc 2

17. 孤独の番人
Kodoku no Bannin / Guard of Loneliness
natsuP feat. MAYU
18. 一途な片思い、実らせたい小さな幸せ。
Ichizu na Kataomoi, Minorasetai Chiisana Shiawase. / My Earnest Unrequited Love, This Small Happiness I Wish To Bear Fruit.
Utata-P feat. MAYU
yuukiss feat. MAYU
20. 過食性アイドル症候群
Kashokusei: Idol Shoukougun / Indulging: Idol Syndrome
Suzumu feat. MAYU
21. チミドロスイッチ
Chimidoro Switch / Blood-Stained Switch
mothy_Akuno-P feat. MAYU
22. Star Bright
Chouchou-P feat. MAYU
23. 嘘とぬいぐるみ
Uso to Nuigurumi / A Lie and a Stuffed Rabbit
Dixie Flatline feat. MAYU
24. まゆずみのような空から
Mayuzumi no Youna Sora Kara / From the Sky Like Mayuzumi
Owata-P feat. MAYU
25. future's end
Signal-P feat. MAYU
26. 僕の中のミリア
Boku no Naka no Miria
YM feat. MAYU
27. ザ・ファン
The ・ Fan
Nem feat. MAYU
28. I wish
29. 新妻*イミテーション
Niidzuma*Imitation / Bride*Imitation
azuma feat. MAYU
30. Only for you
Ryu☆ feat. MAYU
31. 色彩クリアランス
Shikisai Clearance / Color Clearance
Asa feat. MAYU
Ao / Blue
164 feat. MAYU
33. SW
Starving Trancer feat. MAYU

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