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Uploaded September 15, 2004


East is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology.

It is the second half to the full song, "West and East". See the "West" demo, as performed by VOCALOID MIRIAM.

Succeeding versionsEdit

West and East (full version)
Featuring Unknown and LEON
Author(s) Alexei Ustinov, Alex Yakovlev
Category Original song


Tender evening sun
And soft warming wind
Taking me home.

Looking back I see
Snowy mountain side
Hiding my path in the dark.

Under orange trees
My old friend's bamboo house
In green vines
From the wooden gate
All his children are
Calling me in
And I join them.

I am glad to rest
To drink with my friend
And we sing a tune
To the moonlit trees
Finishing our songs
As the stars go down.

When I sit like this
With my friend by my side
I can forget the world

Many roads ahead
Many moons behind
Are in my life.
And I start new day
Heading East, to the sun.

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