Ebira (えびら), also known as Ruvie, is an illustrator who participated in various PVs, usually focusing in songs sung by Miku, Rin and Len. Ebira's style is characterized by the rounded features, soft pastel colors and overall "moe" style.

Among Ebira's notable songs are "Astro Troopers" and "Otoko no Musume Memorable".

STATUS:N/A → Assumed active
Ebira avatar
ASSOCIATIONS:katahori, Satsuki Ga Tenkomori
OFFICIAL:Blog: Ruvie
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "fool tuning ~歌の★Yow! Say!~" (Rin, Miku) (May.04,2008)
  2. "The Adventures of Rin " (Rin) (May.05.2008)
  3. "The Adventures of Rin/ CONTINUE" (Rin) (May.08.2008)
  4. "Mikadzuki" (Len, Kaito) (Jun.02.2008)
  5. 直感れいてんしぃ (Miku) (Jun.24.2008)
  6. "Kyūtīhanī o utawa sete mita" (Len) (Jul.04.2008)
  7. "Distan Summer" (Len) (Jul.11.2008)
  8. 世界でいちばん熱い夏 (Rin) (Jul.18.2008)
  9. "under the darkness" (Len) (Aug.19.2008)
  10. "Carry Me Princess-Style Please!" (Rin) (Sep.20.2008) (katahotori)
  11. "トロイカ(橇編)" (Miku, Len) (Oct.02.2008)
  12. "-CyberEmotion-" (Miku) (Oct.18.2008)
  13. "Stand Alone" (Miriam) (Jan.06.2009)
  14. "MR.BIG:JaneDoe" (Miriam) (Jan.20.2009)
  15. "Eyes on me" (Miriam, Luka) (Feb.01.2009)
  16. "Maiden Spirit" (Rin) (Feb.26.2009) (katahotori)
  17. "Melt" (Luka) (Mar.08.2009) (song of Supercell)
  18. "Generation" (Miku) (May.02.2009)
  19. "Generation (Modified Ver.)" (Miku) (May.04.2009)
  20. "-CyberEmotion2009-" (Miku) (May.30.2009)
  21. "Electric Heart 2009" (Miku) (Jun.06.2009)
  22. "Milk Caramel ☆ Pyuapyua" (Miku, Rin) (Jun.24.2009)
  23. "Medium.tsu" (Miriam) (Jul.01.2009)
  24. "Endless Parade" (Luka) (Sep.16.2009)
  25. "Endless (Kyapumira-P Remix)" (Oct.19.2009)
  26. "Kahlúa Milk ☆ Sensation" (Nov.03.2009) (katahori)
  27. "Mascara" (Miku) (Dec.06.2009) (Hadaki-P)
  28. "Magic (Modified ver.)" (Miku) (Jan.18.2010)
  29. 鏡音センセの授業の時間 (Rin, Len) (Feb.09.010)
  30. "Generation (Modified ver. 2)" (Miku) (Mar.25.2010)
  31. "Zasetsu sentai yarikirenjā" (Len) (Apr.28.2010)
  32. "Ko doku sentai ichirenjā" (Len) (Apr.28.2010)
  33. "VISION 2010" (Rin, Len) (Jun.12.2010)
  34. "Reborn" (Miku) (Jun.27.2010)
  35. "Maple Forest" (Aug.05.2010)
  36. "Originality" (Miku) (Jan.22.2011) (Satsuki Ga Tenkomori)
  37. "Otoko no Musume Memorable" (Len) (Feb.27.2011) (Satsuki Ga Tenkomori)
  38. "Otoko no Musume Memorable (PandaBoY rmx)" (Len) (Apr.07.2011) (Satsuki Ga Tenkomori)
  39. "Vega and Altair -2M Remix-" (Miku) (Jun.29.2011)
  40. "Carry Me Princess-Style Please! (Shota cover)" (Len) (Dec.27.2011)
  41. " Rō ningyō" (Miku) (Apr.09.2012)
  42. "Astro Trooper" (Miku) (Apr.26.2012) (Satsuki Ga Tenkomori)
  43. "Jinchiku Mugai" (Miku) (Jun.18.2012) (Satsuki Ga Tenkomori)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

終わらないパレード (Owaranai Parade)

Uploaded 2009.09.16 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Buriru-P Main article 終わらないパレード (Owaranai Parade)
Lyrics Buriru-P
Video Ebira (illust)

アストロトルーパー (Astro Troopers)

Uploaded 2012.04.26 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Satsuki ga Tenkomori Main article アストロトルーパー (Astro Troopers)
Lyrics Satsuki ga Tenkomori
Video Hayashi Kentarou (illust), POEYAMA (movie), Meru-chan (choreography), Ebira (moe illust), YojigenP (producer)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

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