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  • "Eighty Degree Halloween!"
Uploaded October 29, 2010, with 1,500+ YouTube views


The song is a short thirty second ditty about humid autumn weather. The song came as the result of Georgia weather being humid even though it was autumn. The producer pictured trick-or-treaters getting all hot and uncomfortable in their costumes within the first couple houses. The Talkloid at the end of the song was really an experiment. Originally it wasn't going to be uploaded, but the producer's sister thought it was hilarious.


It's gonna be an eighty... degree Halloween.
It would be better... to go to the mall this year.
Because my costume has a bunch of layers, you see,
I thought it would be cold by now. : /


Tonio: That's good, I like that.
Big Al: Yeah
Big Al: Next time, I sing the lyrics.
Tonio: Yeah. We have Thanksgiving coming up. We should sing then.
Big Al: That would be good.

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