Electro Bomb is an album by CYO Style. It contains 7 tracks, all originally sung by MAIKA.

This album can be purchased here.

Electro Bomb
Released October 18, 2014
Producer CYO Style
Price $5 (Digital), $9 (Limited Edition CD)
Illust. Nyancy Peekachew
Label Empathy Records
Track list
1. Amarte a morir
2. Party all the night Yeah!!
3. Soy de el
4. Hasta el cielo
CYO Style x Saki feat. MAIKA
5. Electro Bomb
CYO Style x EmpathP feat. MAIKA
6. Sueno con volverte a ver
7. Quien va a perder
CYO Style x Saki feat. MAIKA
8. Que decida el corazón (Beauty version) (Bonus CD track)

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