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For the consonants is possible:

  • Replace the plosives for the respective aspirated allophones. If a consonant sounds too strident or too weak, it's possible to replace it with the corresponding allophone. However is important it may affect the stress, as the aspiration is related to it.
  • Swap a consonant for its respective (un)voiced counterparts.
    • This applies specially well for the end of the syllables, where the coda consonant is prone to assimilate the voicing of the neighbor phonemes.
    • This is harder for a onset consonant (beginning of a syllable), as the voicing can alter the meaning of the word; however still is possible if the user is careful with the consonant length. As it becomes shorter, it's harder distinguish the voicing of the consonants.
  • Due the L-vocalization process, the Dark L is prone to be warped into a close back vowel like [u:] or [U] or even being completely omitted.
  • Replace the alveolar plosives, [t] & [d] by their respective postalveolar affricates, [tS] & [dZ].
    • This often occurs when the alveolar plosive is palatalized by a nearby phoneme.
    • Similar to the voicing swap, also is possible when the consonant length and stress somewhat neutralizes the differences between both phonemes.

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