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Plosives and aspirated allophonesEdit

Because it's an important element of consonant stress within the language, the English phonetic system makes distinctions between with normal plosives and their aspirated allophones.

The aspiration is the strong burst of air that accompanies at the release of of some obstruents.

In the English language, the plosives [b], [d], [g], [p], [t], [k] became aspirated at the beginning of the words or at the beginning of a stressed syllable

  • Example: The word 'potato' is aspirated in two consonants:The initial P, because it's the beginning of the word; and the middle T, because it's a stressed consonant.

In 'International Phonetic Alphabet' the aspirated phonemes are indicated by a small superscript ‹h›, as with /kʰ/ for a aspirated /k/, while in VOCALOID's English phonetic system the aspirated phonemes are distinguished from their standard versions due to the addition of a h which represents the IPA's small superscript ‹ʰ›.

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