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This song is the first song to a series of songs called "The Ment Series", a 9-song series.


Waving to the shy girl
Things acting so peaceful
Vanilla scented wind
Ceaselessly bound for the past

Spinning round, spinning
Lost in my thoughts
Turing, deeply down
Mawaru, mawaru
No stopping anyhow

Well, dance tonight
You're burning bright
I'll sink to the bottom of the ocean and ignite
an olive fire

My mouth is full of dragonflies
Eternal and I'm Entertained

Songs that talk about love
They don't mean a darn thing
Your life is black and white
But mine is a rainbow hue

Fiação, fiação
Stop me now
Can you? Can you go?

Spinning round, spinning round
Floating high! Falling down,
This would is mine these stars are bright and
Smile when there's nothing at all
I'm entertained
I am entertained
Go now!

Walk back a thousand miles
That look of disdain make it go away

Hug the girl with the olive eyes
and sing away your boring days
Don't forget the events of yesterday
Don't walk away
Please, don't walk away!

I'll sink to the bottom of my mind and ignite
a lovely place, oh!
Your words make me amused
I am entertained
I am entertained

Clap my heels against asphalt
I'm entertained
I am entertained
Vanishing act that I loved
And entertained
I am Entertained

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