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Image of "Epilogue"
Song title
  • "Epilogue"
Uploaded December 30, 2014 (album)


The song picks up where Prologue left off. A boy finds that the girl has fallen asleep and picks up the book and reads for himself about a boy going off to rescue a princess.

This song is the last track on If the World 2.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
不思議な絵本のページをめぐり fushigi na ehon no peeji o meguri

今日は誰が やってくるなかな? kyou wa dare ga yattekuru naka na?

素敵なお姫様が攫われて suteki na ohimesama ga sarawarete

少年は冒険の旅路へ? shounen wa bouken no tabiji e?

流れる台本に乗せて nagareru daihon ni nosete

ぱらりぱらり parari parari

誰もが 夢中で幸せな夢を見る。。。 daremo ga muchuu de shiawase na yume o miru...

気がつけば もうすぐ夜が明けるね ああ kigatsukeba mou sugu yoru ga akeru ne aa

それでは、また いつでも見においで sore de wa, mata itsudemo mi ni oide

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