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Image of "Everlasting Love"
Song title
  • "Everlasting Love"
Uploaded July 4, 2011, with 3,600+ YouTube views
  • shu-tP (music, lyrics)
  • HYPAA (tuning)
  • Vofan (illustration)

Background Edit

"Everlasting Love" is an original Sweet ANN song. It was the final demo released prior to her voicebank made available in Taiwan.

Lyrics Edit

Usual wind, usual scenery
The same time passes every day
Usual voice, usual gentleness
I thought that it was natural

Usual you. And it is I ...
Two people who do not change forever
Usual time
Usual time with you. Forever

I think that such a daily life should continue forever
Love and the everlasting oath that do not change
You please have me near me all the time from now on
I want to feel your warmth forever

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