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feat.VY1 is an album that was bundled exclusively with the Deluxe edition of the VY1 software. Yamaha mainly gathered established producers for the album. Included was a booklet containing the vocal configurations the producers used for the songs, as well as song lyrics and illustrations of interpretations of VY1.

Album VocaloidSP-CD
Released September 1, 2010
Producer Various
Label Yamaha Corporation
Track list
1. 星屑ユートピア
Hoshikuzu Utopia / Stardust Utopia
otetsu feat. VY1
2. celluloid -P∴Rhythmatiq remix-
aether_eru feat. VY1
3. パラジクロロベンゼン - VY1 SOFT MIX -
Owata-P feat. VY1
4. エンドレス -1983FMGROOVE-
endless -1983FMGROOVE-
Captain Mirai feat. VY1
5. Drive!!
BanananaMiLK feat. VY1
6. ローリンガール
Rolling Girl
wowaka feat. VY1
7. オリジナルシング
Original Sing
http feat. VY1
8. Awakening!
Kazu-P feat. VY1
9. 染色共同体
Senshoku Kyōdō Tai
Renton-P feat. VY1
10. サイハテ(ver.VY1)
Saihate / The Farthest End
Kobayashi Onyx feat. VY1
音色 feat.VY1
音色 feat.VY1

Album crossfadeEdit

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