Song title
  • "Feel The Rain"
Uploaded November 1, 2016, with 2,200+ SoundCloud views
  • Aku-P (music, lyrics)
  • Wodzu (guitar)


The prince is horrified by the war, but he knows the value of those who would fight for their kingdom.
— author's comment
"Feel The Rain" is an original song by Aku-P featuring Prima. This song won 2nd place in the Prima section of the VOCAMERICA Song Contest.



Behind the dark mountains
The fear is dense as the air,
But not for them
Who would wait to fight 'till the end.

" Look at you think that I can be a hero?,
For our kingdom..? "


Feel the rain,
Feel the pain
Of those who died
And let us live.

Just feel the pain,
Feel the pain,
They fought to get what must be fair.


Around the walls of fire
Are corpses falling one by one,
Full of death,
Filling with honor their own names.

" Look at me, what's the point to go and see them all die?,
With my own eyes?... "

" I'll wait for the day, when our warriors win all the glory "
He said...