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  • "Fields of the World"
Uploaded December 10, 2011, with 6,800+ YouTube views
  • i3orje (music, lyrics)


Sorry im slow on realesing stuff... I havent had the mood for producing lately but now I was determind to get this track out! Hopefully I can do one ove the holidays :) so stay tuned!

Using ENG luka due to many requests, there are also Gumi, Miku and Rin as background singers! Hope you like it enjoy!

"Fields of the World" is an original song by i3orje featuring Megurine Luka.


"Have your ever tried,
The one and only thing,
that makes you want to scream,
Join me on the one field.
Magic, soft and green,
is the true happy field,
come and experience
the fields of the world"

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