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  • "Fish Sticks"
Uploaded April 19, 2015, with 1,100+ YouTube views
  • I3orje (music, lyrics)
    KEI (illust)


FIRST SONG IN AGES!!! Woooo! I think some of you have been waiting for this a loooong time! and for prob the majority of you this is news to you! but yes I produce vocaloid music too :D

And I've been wanting to get back into it again, so I've been losing it up not doing week to week AMVs, instead Im gonna try to have a upload each week whether its Music, AMV or tutorial based :D So hope you guys enjoy!

Also! Thanks for 3000 Subs!!!! :D 

Song title and lyrics theme requested by a friend of mine (Hannie)!

"Fish Sticks" is an original song by I3orje featuring Hatsune Miku.


I can see what you mean when you like that salty food
It's not for me at all it is the salty truth
I can feel the calm sea and how cold it really is
but what I want is the yum creature of the deep
Then you take the food and fry it up you get the best
and most amazing taste for your hungry stomach
that's why i sing about this yummy food of heaven
I will be so happy If I eat my fish sticks

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