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flower (フラワ) is a Japanese VOCALOID initially developed and distributed by the YAMAHA Corporation, and was created in collaboration with Gynoid Co., Ltd.. The product name is v flower (ブイフラワ), and she was released in May 2014 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice provider has never been revealed. Her update to the VOCALOID4 engine was solely developed by Gynoid and was released in July 2015.[3][4]


On her official website flower is described as a 'kuudere'.


Originally the VOCALOID's name was given as just "flower" while the software was listed as "v flower". It is not uncommon for "v flower" to be used to refer to both VOCALOID and software by fans, though this is usually done in error.

The name "flower" is likely chosen because of her androgynous voice which allows her to fulfill both male and female vocal roles. In nature, many flowers have both male and female reproductive organs.

The "V" in the product name "V flower" simply means "Vocaloid".


Owed to the confusion caused by "androgynous" being used to describe her voice, occasionally her gender is misunderstood and she is mislabelled as nonbinary, masculine or transgender. However, the official twitter stated flower is female.[1]

flower's box art illustration was done by Yamako, while the character design was done by Rocoru, who are both members of HoneyWorks, the circle who made flower's first demo.

flower's clothing appears to have a Gothic theme, with her outfit possessing traditional Gothic characteristics.

flower's V4 design was originally used by the artist, Miwasiba, in July 2014. The appearance was originally done as fanart by the artist and was a "shota" version of flower.[5] The official flower twitter account noted that the new VOCALOID4 design was the "short haired" version of flower, while the original VOCALOID3 version was the "long haired" version of the same character.[6] The official twitter account said that the design was to reflect how flower herself is now "perfect flower", having both a "pistil" (long haired version) and "stamen" (short haired version).[7] Due to confusion caused by the comment, with responses thinking flower was a hermaphrodite, it was noted by the account that flower has a "pistil" (female reproductive organ). The twitter account also noted the change of hairstyle did not change her nature.[8] The illustrator also confirmed flower is still a girl on the VOCALOID Facebook page and reference sheets, despite adopting a "shota" design.[9][10]

Music featuring flower

  • flower is featured in 26 songs and 8 albums on this wiki.
    Flower logo sm
  • There are listings for notable, original, and cover songs.

Examples of usage

Romaji/English Melancholic Shoegazer
Featuring flower
Producers ANDRIVEBOiz
Category Original song
Close to you
Romaji/English Close to you
Featuring flower
Producers kyaami
Category Cover song
Romaji/English Leia
Featuring flower
Producers MattplusBC
Category Cover song
Romaji/English Zettai Ongaku de Odore (Absolute Music Dance)
Featuring flower
Producers Utsu-P
Category Original song
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Additional information


In April 2014, flower was promoted through a HoneyWorks original song, "イノコリ先生 (Inokori Sensei)". The character rights were owned by Gynoid Co., Ltd., despite being released before the company was fully established in August 2014.

See also: flower/Marketing and VOCALOID in other media


Flower's character status

Ignoring non-relevant results, flower's popularity peeked in April 2014, the month before her release according to google trends.

The song Inokori Sensei has reached the 1 million views mark.

  • First VOCALOID from Gynoid.
  • First Japanese VOCALOID from Gynoid.
  • First VOCALOID from Gynoid to be updated to VOCALOID4.
  • First VOCALOID fully developed by Gynoid (v4 flower package).


Do you like flower?

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What characteristic of flower do you like?

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Flower 300x172
The image gallery for Flower may be viewed here.


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