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  • "Fragile"
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  • Cepheid (music, lyrics)
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"Fragile" is an original song by Cephied featuring AVANNA.

This song is featured in Cephied's album, Lost. Forgotten. Shattered.


Torn and broken
Lost, unspoken
Hear the words
Lost in the snow

Winter paints a picture
Dressed in white

Shallow, frozen
Silent motion
Hear the cries
Of silent songs

Help them find their way back
Out again

Lost and forgotten
All a distant memory
Lost and forgotten
Shattered pieces left of me

Drowning in the stream of colours
Red and blue surround each other
Watch the colours slowly fade
Black and white have turned to grey
Drowning in the reflections
Of darkness where the stars once glistened
Dying for the light to stay
Live to see another day

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