Song title
Uploaded February 04, 2014, with 11,000+ (NN) & 8,000+ (YT) views
shu-tP (lyrics, composer, arrangement)
iXima (illustrations)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


"GODDESS" is the first work by shu-tP with MEIKO V3. This song was originally composed with MEIKO (V1) but MEIKO V3's version was previously published to celebrate the MEIKO V3's release.

The song after received a english version and a arrangement uploaded in Septeber 05, 2014 in collaboration with metragoon and various illustrators for the MEIKO's 10th anniversary. A album with same name was released by KARENT on MEIKO Anniversary'14.

Succeeding versionsEdit

English version
Featuring MEIKO V3 English
Author(s) Shu-tP x metragoon
Category English cover
-MEIKO 10th Anniversary Edit-
Featuring MEIKO V3 & V1
Author(s) Shu-tP (music, lyrics), metragoon (lyrics), various (illust)
Category Arrangement
V1 version
Featuring MEIKO V1
Author(s) shu-tP
Category Succeeding version


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