GUMI Live! 2013 feat. Megpoid (ぐみらいぶっ! 2013 feat. Megpoid) is a compilation album from SPUTONIC RECORDS. The album contains 17 tracks all sung by GUMI.

The album website can be seen here.

The album can be purchased from Amazon and Toranoana.

Gumi live album
Released February 28, 2014
Producer Various
Price ¥1,890
Illust. A Chiki
Track list
1. regret
Gogo Tea feat. GUMI (Native)
2. ダイジナモノ
Daiji na Mono
Retasu-P feat. GUMI
3. 特急ひとめぼれ
Tokkyuu Hitomebore
takanon feat. GUMI
4. 非公開日誌
Hikoukai Nikki
Mikito-P feat. GUMI (Power)
5. 未来映画パラソル
Mirai Eiga Parasol
6. 白昼、黒く透明 -Refine-
Hakuchuu, Kuroku Toumei -Refine-
Nishizawasan-P (TOKOTOKO) feat. GUMI
7. ブラックエンドターミナル -GUMI ver.-
Black End Terminal
out of survice feat. GUMI
8. 常夏ロンリー
Tokonatsu Lonely
mickeY feat. GUMI (Power)
9. 夢幻
Yume Maboroshi
Darvish-P feat. GUMI
10. マジックラジオ
Magic Radio
miro feat. GUMI (Power)
11. 恋空予報
Koizora Yohou
koyori feat. GUMI
12. ヘイコウセン
sho, Diarays feat. GUMI
13. 銀河トレイン
Ginga Train
ALT feat. GUMI (Power)
14. 夏の風の向こう
Natsu no Kaze no Mukou
*Luna feat. GUMI (Whisper)
15. 片足のウェンディ
Kataashi no Wendy
Nem feat. GUMI
16. Commencement
halulu feat. GUMI (Sweet, Power)
17. A Leaf Letter
KEI feat. GUMI (Sweet)

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