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Ganmenkyouda-P (顔面強打P) also known as sekia is a producer known for making classical and folk songs using Meiko and Kaito; and has also been using Kaai Yuki in his recent works.

He illustrates his own videos. His notable works being Once Upon A Time, A Song of Love sung by Kaito and Meiko and Song of the Door sung by Kaito and Meiko.

STATUS:December 2008 → Present
Sekia avatar
GENRE:Classical ; Folk
OFFICIAL:Website: Fairy Tale
URL(s)Twitter Nico Nico
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Cremation Song reject" (Meiko, Kaito) (May.04.2011)
  2. "Once Upon A Time, A Song of Love" (Meiko, Kaito) (May.24.2011)
  3. "Song of the Door" (Meiko, Kaito) (Jun.08.2011)
  4. "Carousel" (Kaito) (Oct.15.2011)
  5. "Blooming Hill of Zion" (Meiko) (Nov.04.2011)
  6. "Picture Book of The Colors of Spring" (Meiko, Yuki) (Dec.03.2011)
  7. "The Old Songs Tell..." (Meiko, Kaito) (Dec.29.2011)
  8. "Sazameku yoru" (Yuki) (Jan.19.2012)
  9. "Tabi sora ni sasagu uta" (Kaito) (Feb.14.2012)
  10. "Haru donari" (Meiko) (Mar.27.2012)
  11. "Gin no kirameki to aoi tori" (Yuki) (Apr.30.2012)
  12. "Hoshifuru yoru no komori uta" (Meiko) (May.06.2012)
  13. "Blue Bell no Mori de" (Meiko&Kaito) (May.27.2012)
  14. "Cortege Waltz" (Luka) (Jun.19.2012)
  15. "Aoi Sora he" (Meiko&Kaito) (Jul.09.2012)
  16. "Kurenai no Hitomi no Musume" (Meiko) (Nov.05.2012)
  17. "Sora wa Takaku Kimi wa Kanata" (Yuki) (Jul.04.2013)
  18. "Daichi wa Tooku Yume wa Haruka" (Yuki) (Jul.27.2013)

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