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"Gay Sex"
Uploaded Oct 17, 2013, with 31,700+ views
ExtremeOversteer (music, lyrics)
earlyday19 (Illustration)
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— Author's comment

While the song is comedic and explicit take on a literal gay love song, a majority of comments on the video include how cute and fun it sounds and how the lyrics are funny, yet at the same time, a little bit disturbing. Considering how the song is sung by Oliver, who "himself is 12", making it a little more disturbing than before.

The author's actual purpose for writing the song was not as a joke, but as a psychological experiment. They commented that this particular song has gotten more views, likes, and dislikes compared to their other songs which are no were as explicit in content, stating that the results astonished them.


I want to feel your weenie in my bottom!
I want to kiss your sweet, wet, red lips!
I want to feel your semen flowing in me!
I want to have gay sex with you!

Fuck me, suck me, make love to me;
I'll do those same things to you too.
Hold me, touch me, pet me, kiss me;
I want to have gay sex with you!

Roll over honey, let me lube your anus;
I want to insert my penis in you.
Slide in and out of you, feel the pleasure building;
I want to squirt my sperm into you!

Fuck you, suck you, make love to you;
You'll do the same things to me too.
Love you, cherish you, adore you, need you;
I want to have gay sex with you!

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