Gentle Dreams MIRIAM
Song title
"Gentle Dreams"
Uploaded February 14, 2016 (album)
Project OverDoze:
steampianist (music)
Tsus (lyrics, tuning)
Starapture (illust)

Gentle Dreams OLIVER
Song title
"Gentle Dreams"
Uploaded June 15, 2016, with 4,940+ views
Project OverDoze:
steampianist (music, tuning)
Tsus (lyrics)
Shius (video)
YouTube Broadcast


"I loved you."

Apologies for the overall delay, but here's our Oliver verison of the song Gentle Dreams Valentines Album "Cherish"! We really want to thank you all for your support so far, so please enjoy this song and expect more from us in the near future!

— author's comment

"Gentle Dreams" is an original song composed by Project OverDoze with MIRIAM for the valentine album Cherish.

In June 2016, a self-cover with OLIVER was uploaded on Project OverDoze's channel to promote the album.


Summer, falter,
Holding your hand.
Careless whisper,
With you I stand
Sunny beaches
Water and sand.
Wind blows
Sun dress
Kiss skin that’s tanned.

Falling, falling,
Nothing remains.
Star light
White knight
Something calls my name

And I bleed for you,
And I scream for you,
Broken heart, you know it’s true.
Summer dreams shatters for you.

I love you.

Winter, white blur,
Missing your lips
Kiss her,
Drag finger tips.
Freezing beaches,
Holding your hand.
Longer speeches,
I understand.

Falling, falling,
Something is here
Dark night,
Please disappear.

And I cry for you,
And I laugh for you,
Mending heart, you know it’s true.
Winter dreams shatters for you.
And I bleed for you,
And I scream for you,
Broken hearts, you know it’s true.
Summer dreams shatters for you.

I loved you.

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