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  • "glow"
Uploaded June 28, 2010, with 1,761,000+ Niconico views
  • keeno (music, lyrics, video)
  • Menruiko (illustrator)


"glow" is keeno's first song, and also his first song to enter the Hall of Legend. It peaked the charts at number 1 on July 2, 2010.

This song is featured on the compilation albums Hatsune Miku Vision (初音ミク Vision), Vocaloid Love Songs ~Girl's Side~, KARENT presents Skylight Theater feat. Hatsune Miku, Hatsune Miku "Magical Mirai 2014" Official Album, and EXIT TUNES PRESENTS VocaloVanguard feat. 初音ミク slow; as well as on keeno's albums, in the rain and at dusk.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
降り注いだ冷たい雨 青い傷を溶かしてった。 furi sosoida tsumetai ame aoi kizu o tokashitetta.
いつか見てた夕暮れ空のすみっこで笑う誰かがいた。 itsuka miteta yūgure zora no sumikko de warau dareka ga ita.

気付かないうちにオトナになって 綺麗な嘘 口に出来るほど kizukanai uchi ni otona ni natte kirei na uso kuchi ni dekiru hodo
いろんな痛みを覚えてきたけど それでもまだ痛いんだ。 ironna itami o oboete kita kedo sore demo mada itain da.

夕暮れの涙が出そうな赤 私の中の君を溶かしてしまえ。 yuugure no namida ga desou na aka watashi no naka no kimi o tokashite shimae.

私の体中 君の傷跡で溢れているから もう進めないよ。 watashi no karadajuu kimi no kizuato de afurete iru kara mou susumenai yo.
ねぇ 消えて 消してよ そう願っていたのに nee kiete keshite yo sou negatte ita noni
どうして こんなにきつく抱きしめてるの? doushite konna ni kitsuku dakishimeteru no?

君の声が遠くなる 飲み込まれそうな赤。 kimi no koe ga tooku naru nomikomaresou na aka.
きっと このまま君を溶かして夜になるだけ。 kitto kono mama kimi o tokashite yoru ni naru dake.
淡く染まる指先に零れ落ちそうな赤。 awaku somaru yubisaki ni kobore ochi sou na aka.
私の中の君を奪ってしまう。 watashi no naka no kimi o ubatte shimau.

ちぎれてく雲間から 溢れ出す涙。 chigireteku kumoma kara afuredasu namida.
少しずつ滲む君にぎゅっとしがみついた。 sukoshi zutsu nijimu kimi ni gyutto shigami tsuita.

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics were used in the English version of Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd.

The cold rain came pouring down, melting away my blue wounds
There's someone smiling off in the corner of an evening sky that I once knew

I was all grown up before I knew it, and I'd been through enough pain
To know how to tell pretty lies. But even still, it hurts

A red that brings tears of twilight, I wish it would melt the you inside me away

Because my body overflows with scars from you, I can't go on
Please fade away, please erase them. I asked for nothing more
So tell me why you still hold onto me so tight?

Your voice grows distant, a red that seems to swallow you whole
I bet it will just melt you and turn to night

A red about to drip on my blushed fingertips
It steals away the you inside me

From between clouds being torn apart, my tears overflow
I clung to you tight as you slowly blurred away


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PP and TBz's Guitar and Bass Cover
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glow -Funkot Remix-
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Author(s) ned
Category Remix

Dora's MMD PV
Author(s) Dora
Category MMD PV
Nikiro's PV
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This song was featured in the following concerts.


An appearance by Miku (with band MKP39) at the "JOIN ALIVE" music festival. She performed Tell Your World, Himitsu Keisatsu, Nijigen Dream Fever, Arifureta Sekai Seifuku, "glow", Hatsune Miku no Gekishou, World is Mine, and ODDS&ENDS.

Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2 YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd YouTube

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