This article is about the song by Xzncdlc. For the similar title, please see Good Bye.

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  • "Good-Bye"
Uploaded February 14, 2013, with 170+ YouTube views
  • Xzncdlc (music, lyrics)


"Good-Bye" is an original song by Xzncdlc featuring AVANNA.


I don't see your face no more at night,
And I don't dream of holding you tight,
After I turn out the light.

Time has been so kind since you've been gone.
The memories don't linger on,
They faded more with each new dawn.

Tell me boy
Did you love me?
Tell me boy
did you care?
Did you ever really need me?
Was I ever in your mind somewhere

Why I wonder I feel this way,
I never thought I'd see the day,
but now I'm glad you went away

♬ ♬

And as years go by will you think of me,
Will you be sad that we won't be,
Will you regret you set me free?

Good-Bye means forever,
Good-Bye is for good.
We will be together never,
Now dry your tears, you know you should
If I could, you know I would.

It is the hardest word, that's sure
Your shouldn't cry, what would it be for?
I just don't love you anymore.