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Masami Yuuki

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GUMI Megpoid V3 Megpoid Native English

GUMI (グミ) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Internet Co., Ltd. as Megpoid (メグッポイド), which was initially released June 2009 for the VOCALOID2 engine. There has since been three installments developed for the VOCALOID3 engine, one that includes an update of the VOCALOID2 voice bank. Her voice is provided by Filipino-Japanese female singer, Megumi Nakajima (中島 愛; Nakajima Megumi).


GUMI was the second VOCALOID to be released by the company Internet Co., Ltd and had a more retro-futuristic approach than Gackpo.


The name Gumi is the voice provider Megumi Nakajima's nickname from her childhood.[1] The software name, "Megpoid", was taken from the provider's name "Megumi." The second half, the "poid", is short for "like Vocaloid," the full implied name of this product is "Megumi-like Vocaloid."

Less experienced overseas fans often mislabel GUMI as a "Megpoid" rather than a "VOCALOID" and sometimes dismiss that she is a VOCALOID altogether. Another notable mistake is labeling her name as "Megpoid Gumi" or "Gumi Megpoid". The explanation for both these mistakes is the confusion over the naming of both software package and VOCALOID. The same issue occurs with Camui Gackpo and his software Gackpoid.


The original avatar character of the software was drawn by the illustrator Masami Yuuki (ゆうきまさみ Yuuki Masami). Her design is often said to be influenced by Ranka Lee's character (one of the first roles done by Megumi Nakajima as seiyuu). Ranka Lee's main outfit (which she wears for the notable song Seikan Hikou) contains the colors green, yellow, and orange. This has never been officially confirmed, but is still a popular assumption with both Japanese and overseas VOCALOID fans.

Her belt buckle incorporates the Tenori-on device's design.

GUMI's Megpoid English illustration has a different direction to the past GUMI illustrations.[2]

Concerning GUMI's age, during the Extend development, Noboru once tweeted that there was a rough age preferred for GUMI, set around the teenage years. However, no official age was ever given to GUMI in her various designs. When writing about the Extend, it was noted the voice could be considered 'extensions' of the age conceptualized for GUMI.[3]

VOCALOID ReleasesEdit

Megpoid TalkEdit

Megpoid Talk is a speech software version to allow GUMI to do narration was discussed in October 2012 on Noboru's twitter account, but no details were given at the time. However, there was later a demo on December 24, 2013, and a release date set for January 16, 2014.

This is a speech software which will allow GUMI to talk for the first time. It allows delicate editing of her vocals.[4][5] It is powered by the engine "FineSpeech Ver 3".[6]

Examples of UsageEdit

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Music featuring GUMI
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Featuring GUMI
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Featuring GUMI
Category Song
Featuring GUMI
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Featuring GUMI
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Featuring V3 GUMI;
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Featuring V3 GUMI;
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Featuring V3 GUMI;
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Featuring V3 GUMI;
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Featuring GUMI English
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Featuring GUMI English
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Featuring GUMI English
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Featuring GUMI English
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Gumi 3 glass 11

GUMI has received various merchandise since gaining popularity[7]

GUMI originally did not have much marketing, but has since gained enough popularity for further possibilities. She is Internet co, Ltd's most successful VOCALOID and since the launch of VOCALOID3, has seen an increase in merchandise.

Originally, GUMI songs were not allowed to be sold on Karen-T, though this was later changed and INTERNET Co., gave permission for both her and Gackpo in 2009.

Her English version is aimed more at the English speaking market. This is the first English capable vocal to be purchasable from the VOCALOID shop itself, as well as the the developer's own website. Her vocal can be bought by anyone in the USA or the UK, however other English speaking countries still cannot purchase it directly.

Main article: VOCALOID in other media

Gumi Nendoroid 276

Nendoroid GUMI

The first of two figurines based on GUMI's art on an EXIT TUNES album are due for release. As of now GUMI also has a Nendoroid that was released by Good Smile company. There are also going to be a few other figurines based on her VOCALOID3 design.

VOCALOID-P data series

Vol.3 of the VOCALOID-P data series which had only GUMI songs in it was released on March 16, 2012, the same day as Megpoid - Native's release, as part of a promotion of the new updated voicebank.


A calendar for 2013 was also produced for GUMI.[8]


There are several official manga (based on songs sung by GUMI) featuring her. The bi-monthly Vocaloid magazine, Comic@loid, has released some titles, and others have not been released yet. The released titles include Mozaik Role, Kiritorisen, Shiryoku Kensa, Setsuna Trip, Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo, and Yowamushi Montblanc. There are currently no plans of officially translating the manga into English, but the fan translation team, Vocalations, are translating most of the titles.


Yowamushi Montblanc manga (DECO*27 x Akka)

Another manga is "GUMI from Vocaloid" which ran from 2013 to 2014.[9] This particular manga is not based on a specific song, but rather on GUMI's adventures as a VOCALOID.

Another manga which appeared in 2014, which stars Gumi. This features the fictional birth story of "Gumi", who was a girl who becomes a Android and debuts as a idol. The story focuses on her and a mysterious team called "Interface sound Orchestra" (インタネ団). Fellow Vocaloids Camui Gackpo, Lily and Cul, also feature in the manga. The name of the manga is MeguMegu☆Singer Song Fighter (メグメグ☆シンガーソングファイター).[10]

3D model

GUMI features two 3D models in "AHS キャラミん Studio" as "guest" models for the software. They are of her her Megpoid and V3 Megpoid designs. Yuzuki Yukari and Tohoku Zunko also feature in the software.[11] As part of marketing for this, a event was held where participants could do karaoke to GUMI and Yukari songs. A drink based on both of these VOCALOID were also offered at the event.[12]


Gumi stars in a anime TV short series called Koi Suru Dessan Ningyō, it is named after a song by sasakure.UK of which the short is based on. Masanori Okamoto is responsible for many aspects of this project including the script and filming of the short. If the short is popular a series will follow.[13]

Taiwan release

On Dec 11th, 2010, the president of INTERNET Co. announced that Camui Gackpo and GUMI will be distributed in Taiwan.[14]

Robot GUMI

Megpoid was one of 3 voicebanks the robot model HRP-4C was set up to react to[15], the other two being Hatsune Miku and Crypton's private VOCALOID named CV-4Cβ.[16]

"開発者による産総研ロボット&ボーカロイドの解説 CEATEC Japan" ft. HRP-4C as GUMI
  YouTube "産総研ロボットHRP-4C 未夢(ミーム)「異邦人」CEATEC Japan" ft. HRP-4C Singing

King Run Anison Red and White Concert

GUMI and Gackpo made special appearances in the 2010 new year celebration event known as King Run Anison Red and White.

The songs they covered were;

  • アニソン紅白2010 M-32[Love Letter]神威がくぽ(がくっぽいど) "Love Letter" covered by Gackpo, originally from "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", which had originally been sung by Gackt himself.
  • アニソン紅白2010 M-33[星間飛行]GUMI(メグッポイド) "Seikan Hikou (Interstellar Flight)" covered by GUMI from "Macross Frontier", which had originally been sung by Megumi Nakajima herself.

Their appearance was strictly a one off event.[17][18]

3D Concert

GUMI and Akikoloid-chan appeared in a concert together in Japan dancing on stage. Though other concerts have been done for VOCALOID, this is the first official "3D" concert, previously all concerts had been done with 2D technology.[19] Later merchandise related to the concert was released, including a DVD and CDs of the event.[20]

On November 2nd, a video-clip about the 3D Concert "VOCALOID x LiveAR" was released.

On December 15th-16th, GUMI, VY1V3, Akikoloid-chan, Tone Rion, and Aoki Lapis appeared in a 3D concert at VOCAFARRE 2011. Main article: VOCAFARRE 2011

Song Contest

In May 2012, a song contest was announced for GUMI, which was hosted by CreoFUGA. Producers entering the contest could use any VOCALOID2 or VOCALOID3 GUMI voicebank. Winning entries would make it into a game made by NAMCO Bandai. The contest began on May 26, 2012 and ended on June 26, 2012. As part of promotion, CreoFUGA offered coupons to buy other Internet co., Ltd Voicebanks before the end of the competition.[21]

Commemorating Lily’s 2nd anniversary and VOCALOID3 GUMI’s 1st anniversary, Avex Management and INTERNET Co., Ltd are holding a music contest, accepting entries in the span of time between August 25, Lily’s release date and October 15, with winners being announced on October 21, VOCALOID3 GUMI’s release date. To enter, the applicant must upload a song made using Lily and/or GUMI to Nico Nico Douga before the deadline, add the tag “LilyGUMI楽曲コンテスト” and lock it. The fine print says that previously uploaded works are eligible, although these songs must all be the original work of the uploader. The grand prize winning song nets 100,000 JPY of prize money and gets added to the upcoming 2013 “LilyxMegpoid Split Album”. Three songs receiving an award of excellence will net 30,000 JPY in prize money. Finally, three special prize winners will be rewarded one copy of Singer Song Writer 9 Professional each.

Another song contest was run, linking with the release of her English vocal.[22]


GUMI had a joint promotional effort with Japanese restaurant "Go!Go!Curry". In Oct 2012, a song was also released alongside this called "Can't stop!ゴーゴーカレー".[23]

VocaloTracks Song Contest

A contest was held by VocaloTracks in 2013 to create an original song using any of Gumi's voicebank. The were able to sell their songs under a "professional label". [24]


A promotion to celebrate Gumi's 5th anniversary. It features Gumi as a high school girl and comes with a new song by 40mP called 'Going My Way' with another song soon to come.[25]

Video Games
Gumi & Luka Project Mirai

GUMI in Hatsune Miku Project mirai

GUMI made a guest appearance in Project mirai. This was the second time an Internet Co., Ltd VOCALOID has appeared along side Crypton Future Media VOCALOIDs, the first being Camui Gackpo in Maker Hikōshiki Hatsune Mix.

GUMI is due to have a video game produced starring her, which was released for PSP in 2013.[26][27]

On June 26, 2013, GUMI was revealed to be featured in Project mirai 2 as a guest appearance for her 4th anniversary[28]. After listening to the players responses and demands she was also given her own playable nendoroid character.


An iPhone featuring GUMI on its casing has been produced.[29]


うたシュー! with メグッポイド

In 2013, a new app for Gumi was released.[30]

iOS App

They also appear in the app "AR Vocaloid Walk", an Augmented Reality app. Several other Vocaloids, UTAU and Derivative characters also appear in the app.[31]

Additional informationEdit


GUMI Popularity
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Gumi struggled to build popularity against the Character Vocal Series and was considered to be "nothing special" when first released. She was, however, quicker to gain popularity in comparison to Camui Gackpo.[32]

By 2010, GUMI's popularity was on par with Crypton Future Media's voicebanks and had out sold her predecessor Camui Gackpo, becoming the most popular and well known non-Crypton VOCALOID. In 2011, her usage grew and in a number of weeks she would have even more songs in the top 100 rankings than some of the Crypton Future Media vocalists.


Gumi gained a stable popularity by August 2011 according to google trends and the stability is most likely linked to her entry into the VOCALOID3 era vocals. Her popularity peeked in March 2013 when she received a sudden increase in interest, but returned to its normal popularity a month later. This was most likely due to the release of her English version in the previous month (Feb, 2013), this was the only time during the VOCALOID3 era Gumi had a notable increase of popularity.


In 2011 an independent report was made into the popularity of VOCALOID, and revealed that most VOCALOIDs had less than 1,000 videos uploaded to Nico Nico Douga in 2011 between July 1st and December 15th. GUMI had managed to succeed in grabbing more attention then most VOCALOIDs, and at 2,107 uploads, had the third highest video upload count relating to a VOCALOID. At 9,538,464 views and 929,810 mylists, GUMI was the VOCALOID to receive the second highest number of views overall. Based on average views, she managed to come out on top with 4,527.04 views (and 441.3 mylists) on average per video. When the mean count was performed on the VOCALOID results, GUMI remained on top with 485 views and 34 mylists per video, and was the only one besides the Kagamine's to successfully be on all lists performed in the report.[33]

In 2012 a cosplay competition was held for a TV program in France, with the aim to find "the French version of Gumi". 1,200+ entries were submitted, despite the fact that the entries being submitted were to win a Japanese version of Megpoid.[34]

A survey released in 2015 should that Gumi was the second most popular Vocaloid in 2015 on website Nico Video. However, her popularity was only between 3rd/4th of that of the most popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku.[35]


  • With 7 voicebanks in total having been released at this time, GUMI has the 3rd largest selection of vocals on sale for VOCALOID™.
  • GUMI has proven to be quite a popular VOCALOID for MMD model makers and has several models, which is notably more compared to most other VOCALOIDs. One of them is ISAO's model, available by purchase from the Windows 100% magazine and MMD Starter Pack magazine.
  • The Megpoid English vocal was the 22nd product released for VOCALOID3; putting the total amount of VOCALOID3 releases on par with the number of VOCALOID2s.

Notable for...Edit

  • First female VOCALOID from Internet Co. Ltd.
  • One of 3 voicebanks used by the robot HRP-4C.
  • First VOCALOID from Internet Co. Ltd to be upgraded to VOCALOID3.
  • First Internet Co. Ltd. VOCALOID to get an Extend.
  • First Internet Co. Ltd. VOCALOID to get an English voicebank.
  • First Internet Co. Ltd. VOCALOID to have a video game starring the VOCALOID itself.
  • One of the first VOCALOIDs to be upgraded to VOCALOID3 (along with VY1)
  • One of the first 4 VOCALOID3 vocals released for the engine


250px Gumi mascot
The image gallery for GUMI may be viewed here.

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