GYNOID Co., Ltd. is a computer software developing company based in Tokyo, Japan. They collaborated with YAMAHA Corporation to create flower and Xin Hua.




Japanese vocals
Chinese vocals


Japanese vocals
Chinese vocals
Japanese vocals


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Promotional involvementEdit

Gynoid has character rights to VOCALOID3, flower. They held a booth selling v flower and Xin Hua at the NicoNico Chokaigi event.[1]


flower is featured in the app, Uta Shooter feat. flower, the app was released for iOS and android.


Song Writing CompetitionEdit

A song writing competition had launched for the entire month of March 2015. A two-week trial version of Xin Hua's library was made available for the contest to allow people who do not own her full version to compete. All songs were to be original, and should they feature other VOCALOIDs, Xin Hua must be one of the main vocals. Prizes included: Xin Hua's complete VOCALOID3 library, the VOCALOID3 editor, a side product, or a prize with VOFAN's signature on it.

Illustrators CompetitionEdit

In June, a contest for illustrators was announced. The first prize winner would earn 10,000 NTD and would have the opportunity to become an official illustrator for her marketing items. The winner was announced to be SIBYL, who had her art featured on wall scrolls.

Social MediaEdit

A Twitter account was made for flower.


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