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Uploaded January 30, 2015, with 17,700+ Niconico views and 188,800+ YouTube views
  • Circus-P (music, lyrics)
  • Crusher-P (illust)
  • Paper and Kuma (lyrical help)


ssǝɯ ǝʇnlosqɐ uɐ ɯ,I (I'm an absolute mess)
— Author's comment


Tu tomaste la mejor parte de mí
Y dejaste de lado el resto de mí

I feel so empty
And I feel so COMPLETELY like

Like I'm REAL
Like I'm FAKE
Who am I
Meant to be?
And I feel
And I, and I...

(Shut up)

And I'll be for-
I'll be good- good-
Be for-
No matter-
I'll be
My Goodbye

llits m'I fi eid t'nac I ,gnihtaerb
ton ,m'I nehw yrc t'nac I ,gnivil


  • A small part of the lyrics are actually borrowed or recycled from Goodbye, other Circus-P's song.

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