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  • "HIM"
Uploaded September 24, 2011, with 53,000+ YouTube views


The song is a tribute to the Powerpuff Girls villain known as "Him". According to Crusher-P, the song was written after seeing the song come on Boomerang during her family dinner.


Let me wipe your tears for you,
my darling do not cry...
You know I'd never let you down,
I will never die...
I want you to smile now,
give into your fight
Take the anger deep inside,
and bring it into light

Imagine you could have everything,
Everything you desire,
I could give it to you instantly
in the blink of an eye-
Your fate is now up to me,
I am now your controller
The flames are reaching heaven's sky
prepare to attack


MIRIAM's cover
Featuring MIRIAM
Author(s) GumiSilverLovah (cover), Cien (VSQ)
Category VOCALOID cover
Featuring OLIVER
Author(s) Joshua Manga
Category VOCALOID cover, Remix
AVANNA's cover
Featuring AVANNA
Author(s) izsumi123
Category VOCALOID cover


  • "Him" had a particular speech pattern wherein most of the time he spoke in a high pitched falsetto vocal, but on occasion would switch to a deep lower tone i.e. such as when he was angry. BIG AL's voicebank is also capable of mimicking such a thing in higher and lower notes.