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The VOCALOID Hall of Fame (VOCALOID殿堂, VOCALOID dendou) is a term used for VOCALOID videos (largely songs) that have gained 100,000+ views on video sharing site Niconico. Videos with 1,000,000+ views are known as VOCALOID Legends (VOCALOID伝説, VOCALOID densetsu).

There are thousands of VOCALOID songs, but among those have risen select songs that have become famous. Some are known for their large amount of views, and some for either quickly becoming popular or only gradually becoming well-known.

It is important to note that videos that have reached 100,000 views on YouTube are not eligible for the Hall of Fame, as YouTube has not adopted these conventions. Because of this, songs like "Weekender Girl", although having well over 100,000 views, have not entered the Hall of Fame.


To see the existing articles on this wiki for songs in the Hall of Fame, please see Category:Hall of Fame. To see existing articles for songs in the Hall of Legend, please see Category:Hall of Legend. Please note that, due to the sheer volume of songs that have reached 100,000 views, the wiki does not currently have an article for every Hall of Fame song.


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