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"Happy Party☆彡 - VOCALOID(tm)3 Megpoid(GUMI) -" is a compilation album by YAMAHA. It contains 17 tracks, all sung by V3 Megpoid.

A crossfade of the album can be heard on YouTube.
The official album website is available here.
The album is purchasable on Amazon (CD / CD+DVD).

Happy party album
Released March 14, 2012
Producer Various
Price ¥2,300 (CD)
¥3,200 (CD+DVD)
Track list
1. 十面相 colorful ver.
Juu Mensou colorful ver. / Ten-Faced colorful ver.
YM feat. GUMI Power, Sweet, Whisper & Adult
2. 人生リセットボタン
Jinsei Reset Button / Life Reset Button
kemu feat. GUMI Power
3. アイセンサー
Eye Sensor
buzzG feat. GUMI Power
4. LoveDroid
Kanimiso-P feat. GUMI Power
5. バビロン
Dixie Flatline feat. GUMI Power
6. 幸福列車に乗ろう
Koufuku Ressha ni Norou
Utsu-P feat. GUMI Power
7. トキヲ・ファンカ
takamatt feat. GUMI Power
8. 蛞蝓とビガゾー
Namekuji to Bigazoo
Machigerita-P feat. GUMI Sweet
9. 独我論 code:altered
Dokugaron code:altered
ORYO feat. GUMI Power & Sweet
10. 目を閉じたら
Me wo Tojitara
Yuyoyuppe feat. GUMI Sweet
11. 彗星
Suisei / Comet
monaca@10日P feat. GUMI V2, Power & Whisper
12. シルバーバレット
Silver Pullet
Peperon-P feat. GUMI Power & Whisper
13. 少年少女を科学する
Shounen Shoujo wo Kagakusuru
Powapowa-P feat. GUMI Sweet
14. 雨が降って。
Ame ga Futte. / It is Raining.
rerulili feat. GUMI Sweet
15. クワガタにチョップしたらタイムスリップした
Kuwagata ni Chop Shitara Timeslip Shita / Time-Warped After Chopping My Stag Beetle
Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP feat. GUMI V2, Power, Sweet & Whisper
16. Showroom Dummy
(Mu)-P feat. GUMI Adult
17. Waltz for Stranger
(Mu)-P feat. GUMI Whisper

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