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ハロー!いろは feat. 猫村いろは (Hello! Iroha feat. Nekomura Iroha) is an Iroha only compilation album by U-Rythmix records. It contains 17 tracks, all sung by Nekomura Iroha.

A crossfade of the album can be heard on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube.
The official album website is available here.

The limited edition of the album is purchasable on Animate, Amazon, MelonBooks, Toranoana and GAMERS.
The regular edition of the album is purchasable on Animate, Amazon, MelonBooks and GAMERS.

Hello! Iroha feat. Nekomura Iroha album illust
Released March 29, 2013
Producer Various
Price ¥2,000 (regular); ¥2,600 (limited)
Illust. shinia
Label U-Rythmix records
Track list
1. 恋のI・RO・HA教えます
Koi no I・RO・HA Oshiemasu / Teaching the ABC's of Love
Asunaro-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
2. トゥインクル・スマイル-UMix-
Twinkle Smile -UMix-
Gingahoumen-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
3. 晴れ晴れノート
Hare Hare Notebook / Sunny Sunny Notebook
Nakyamurya feat. Nekomura Iroha
4. とらでぃしょなる☆じゃぱん
Kagome-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
5. テレフォンライダー
Telephone Rider
kimuta feat. Nekomura Iroha
Mermaid-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
7. 5cm先の恋-compilation ver
5cm Saki no Koi -compilation ver
Tsuko (Uoa-P) feat. Nekomura Iroha
8. その唇は傲慢なり~Message of curtain STYLE~
Sono Kuchibiru wa Gouman Nari ~Message of curtain STYLE~
Akibawota-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
9. 方舟ver2.0
Hakobune ver2.0
Pop'n Destroy+ feat. Nekomura Iroha
10. 落花葬
Rakka Sou / Funeral's Falling Petals
Shikemoku feat. Nekomura Iroha
11. 扉の向こう
Tobira no Mukou / Behind the Door
Shigotoshite-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
12. ああ神様、あなたは。(remix)
Aa Kami-sama, Anata wa. (remix)
No-H feat. Nekomura Iroha
13. Rera -Remaster Version-
Daisuke-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
14. P.a.r.a.l.y.z.e.
Asin Kuroda feat. Nekomura Iroha
15. ウソとパレード-SPECIAL EDITION-
Uso to Parade -SPECIAL EDITION- / Lie and Parade -SPECIAL EDITION-
Man_boo feat. Nekomura Iroha
16. 夜明け
Yoake / Daybreak
Kihee feat. Nekomura Iroha
17. 世界は難しく出来てない
Sekai wa Muzukashiku Dekitenai
Shamisen Shihandai-P feat. Nekomura Iroha
Iroheart feat. nekomura iroha album illust

Promotion / Special OffersEdit

  • Sticker
  • Limited edition only! Rubber strap


Hello! Iroha feat. Nekomura Iroha album sticker
Hello! Iroha feat. Nekomura Iroha album strap
Rubber strap

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