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Hidaomari (Hidaomori) is a Russian vocaloid producer. He is known for his optimal usage of Mew. He is also an illustrator and he edits models for MMD
STATUS:October 2011 → Active
URL(s)DeviantartPixiv Youtube
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Circus Monster" (VY1) (Song of CircusP) (Oct.07.11**)
  2. "UR STYLE" (Luka) (Song of DATEKEN) (Oct.12.11**)
  3. "Atonement" (SeeU) (Song of Yuyuyuppe) (Dec.20.11**)
  4. "I=Fantasy" (Miku Append) (Song of "hitman" bang) (Dec.26.11**)
  5. "Hello" (Miku Append) (Song Evanescence) (Dec.30.11**)
  6. "UR STYLE" (SF-A2 Miki) (Song of DATEKEN) (Dec.31.11**)
  7. "Heartbeat #0822 " (Clara) (Song of Papiyon) (Jan.11.12**)
  8. "Zou" (Clara) (Song of AVTechNO!) (Jan.11.12**)
  9. "+(Plus)" (Mew) (Song of AVTechNO!) (Jan.25.12**)
  10. "Headphone Actor" (Mew) (Song of Jin) (Feb.05.12**)
  11. "Sweet Devil" (Mew) (Song of 8#Prince) (Feb.11.12**)
  12. "E-iRO" (IA) (Song of AVTechNO!) (Feb.19.12**)
  13. "Rotten Heresy and Chocolate " (IA) (Song of Pinnocchio-P) (Feb.19.12**)
  14. "Chip Tears " (IA) (Song of RaychoruiP) (Feb.23.12**)
  15. "Plus/Space " (IA) (Song of AVTechNO!) (Mar.07.12**)
  16. "Zou" (CUL) (Song of AVTechNO!) (Mar.09.12**)
  17. "Amai Kotoba" (GUMI Extend) (Song of CircusP) (Mar.14.12**)
  18. "Cosmos Monster (Circus Monster Remix) " (IA) (Song of CircusP) (Apr.03.12**)
  19. "Lost and Found" (Aoki Lapis) (Song of Sasakure.UK) (Apr.15.12**)
  20. "*tear*" (Aoki Lapis) (Song of DATEKEN) (Apr.20.12**)
  21. "Leaving Donna" (Yuzuki Yukari) (Song of EmphatP) (Apr.30.11**)
  22. "Hello" (Mew) (Song of Evanescence) (May.22.11**)
  23. "Eden" (Mew) (Song of ATOLS) (May.25.12**)
  24. "tear" (Mew) (Song of AVTechNO!) (May.27.11**)
  25. "Hello Hello" (Mew) (Song of emon(Tes.)) (Jun.06.12**)
  26. "Think of you" (Mew) (Jun.09.12**)
  27. "Sacrifice" (Galaco ft. IA) (Song of t.A.T.u) (Jun.06.12**)
  28. "+(Plus)" (Galaco) (Song of AVTechNO!) (Aug.10.12**)
  29. "Palette" (SF-A2 Miki) (Song of Yuyoyuppe) (Aug.20.12**)
  30. "E-iRO" (Mew) (Song of AVTechNO!) (Oct.12.12**)
  31. "CHAOS I" (Mew) (Oct.21.12**)
  32. "Aoku Nure" (Mew) (Song of 嘆きのP) (Nov.25.12**)
  33. "Aoku Nure" (Mew) (Song of 嘆きのP) (Nov.25.12**)
  34. "Stranger" (Mew ft. Hatsune Miku Append) (Dec.02.12**)
  35. "Eden" (IA) (Song of ATOLS) (Dec.08.12**)
  36. "Prelude 12/21" (Gackpo EXTEND) (Song of AFI) (Dec.16.12**)
  37. "Hello" (Avanna) (Song of Evanescence) (Dec.31.12**)

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