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  • "His Requiem"
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  • Daze (music, lyrics, illust)


Of my remorse and my sins, the church bells of my end will sing
Lullabies, Goodbye.
my requiem.
A salvation I reached with my last strength,
yet, the sea of woes and my insanity had dragged me
into my dark solitary my last requiem

(His redemption, resolution)
My Redemption, resolution
(from the weapon he had wield)
I give to you
(in this wicked mind of his, Oh la la la)
In this wicked mind of mine, Please forgive me)
I the fallen
He the fallen
For my last wish
Ask forgiveness
(Grace him with a favor and forgive his sins)
Grace me with a favor and a genuine mercy

Of his remorse and his sins, the judgement of his wrong doings
Lullabies, Goodbye.
his requiem.
A salvation he reached with all his strength,
yet, the sea of woes and his insanity had dragged him
into his dark solitary my last requiem

(Sünden, verzeihen, Versuchung)
Church bells weigh and rings it sways to and fro
Oh All in a row
(denounce him for what he had done)
denounce me for what I had done

Let the flames quickly burn-
(let the flames consume his crimes)
-Me away from my clouded mind
(from his clouded mind)
In the end it was I
Who Cried…

all his remorse all his sins
he now suffers from all of these
lullaby goodbye
last requiem
the salvation he never needed it
he let the seas of fire to consume him
as it dragged him
into his light solitary
the last

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