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  • "How Deep is the Sea"
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  • psgmania (music)
  • Shara (lyrics)
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"How Deep is the Sea" is an original song by psgmania and Sahara featuring Megurine Luka.


I like the way you do the things you do
and it can be always very fresh and new
but I can't ever seem to get enough
of your love and touch

My feeling for you be getting stronger
and a night without you would be too longer
Baby, it's you who I've been thinking about
You're the one I can't live without

How deep is the sea?
I want you to tell it to me
Come whisper me your love and just let me into your world deeper n' deeper
How high is the sky?
You and me, let's not get no shy
I know you're gonna take me higher tonight

You're taking my breath away when you near me
and you can make my fears disappear
You got me thinking that I'm all in love
So you need not rush

No one ever knows how to get in 'tween us
I can shine so bright when we intertwine
Babe I'm holding a sign, put your hand on mine
Just the two of us can be tryin'

How deep is the sea?
I want you to tell it to me
Come sing me your love song tenderly and you can make me weaker n' weaker
How far are the stars?
Can you feel my heart beat so hard?
I know you're gonna take me further tonight

How deep is the sea?
I want you to tell it to me
Come hold me in your love and I can be falling for you deeper n' deeper
How deep can we go?
If you don't know, I'll let you know!
I know we will go deeper than ever tonight

How deep is the sea...
How deep is our love...

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