"Huá Cǎi (Simplified: 华彩; Traditional: 華彩) is Xin Hua's third official album and holds eleven tracks.

It could be purchased through Shanghai Wangcheng Information Technology Co. Ltd.'s taobao shop.

This album was included with the first batches of Xin Hua V4's physical release.

Hua cai soft cover
Released July 2017
Producer Various
Price 15 - 69 RMB
Illust. MOTH
Label Shanghai Wangcheng
Track list
1. 华心彩
Huá Xīn Cǎi
Yukinsnow, digger
2. 纯白翼之梦
Chúnbái Yì zhī Mèng
OneOcean, Burning Gyro, HiragaSaitou
3. 心湖
Shengyue Yinglei, Wang Chao, irecorder
Xīn Hú
4. 指尖流年
Zhi Jian Liunian
irecorder, 漡ん
5. 一人行者
Yīrén Xíngzhě / Lonely Traveler
6. 梦关山
Mèng Guānshān
Da Zuiba Lang, litterzy, irecorder
7. 誓约之光
Shìyuē zhī Guāng
Diss, Fantasiay, MAT, Nalanxunfeng
8. 破碎水晶鞋
Pòsuì Shuǐjīng Xié
Shengyue Yinglei, katsu, Gunx
9. 巫女
Wūnǚ / Witch
10. 无畏歌
Wúwèi Gē / Fearless
Shengyueyinglei, Gunx, Huduoduo
11. 巫女 (2017 Ver.)
Wūnǚ / Witch (2017 Ver.)
Maomaochong-P, Hong, Nalanxunfeng
Xin hua album
Xīn Huá (心華)


Hua cai hardcover
Hardcover version

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